Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bonnee Lass - 25L Tuesday's at Catalyst

Bonnee Lass is so cute and quite a steal at 25L.  So stop on down and grab yourself a copy before Midnight to get in on this special deal.

Friday, February 19, 2010

35L Thursdays at Catalyst - Savannah

Want to be the Belle of the ball or feel like a princess?  Savannah is just gorgeous and will make you feel special as soon as you put it on.  It is available for 35L this Thursday.


Going on a date and want to show off your curves?  Liz will make the men drool with its plunging neckline and short skirt.  This is definately the outfit to make you feel sexy.


Hailee, a hot little camisk comes in a few different colors....blue, brown, purple, rustic, and yellow.  



Brianna is so hot.  You will feel sexy as soon as you put it on.  Whether you have a partner who you want to look sexy for or just want to wear it to be the hottest chick in the room...then this is the outfit you need.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

59L Thursdays


Lisa is a versatile sexy little dress good for a night on the town.  This dress gives you a retro feel.  So, if you are not afraid to make a bold statement, come on down and grab a copy of Lisa for yourself.


This sexy camisk gets you ready for spring with its vibrant colors. If you play in Gor sims, you can wear it just as the camisk itself.  It also looks great with a pair of jeans and used as a peek-a-boo top that is sure to grab some attention.

35L Thursdays


35L Thursdays at Catalyst is bringing you two red hot outfits.  Amor is perfect for a sexy Valentines Day date and for those of us that are single, this dress is sure to grab some attention.

Love Bites is our second outfit out this week for 35L Thursdays and it is HOT.  If you want to be daring and show off those naughty bits the corset can be worn alone without the bra.  Just make sure you carry around a bucket of ice with you to toss on all the guys who will be following you around drooling.